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How do you deal with this behavior?

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Re: Tantrums

Postby Amy E Star » Wed Sep 21, 2016 5:23 pm

Tantrums. What can I say about dealing with tantrums. In 15 years as both an educator and parent I have dealt with my fair share of tantrums. I wish I could tell you I found the perfect way to handle them, but in reality, it depends on your child and on the circumstances.

That being said, if there is one rule of thumb to follow, no matter the child nor situation, it is to keep your cool. If you loose your temper, then you are simply exhibiting the same behavior you are telling your child to stop. Mid temper tantrum is the time to shut down the directions that got your child to that state and helping them regain control of their emotions. For some this means you walk away from the child, and for others it means you help them calm down, tell them to take deep breaths with you, like "TantrumWon't". Once the tantrum is defused (preferably before it gets out of hand), then you can address the original problem once more.

As a mom, my approach was a bit different than as a teacher. When my son would throw himself on the floor screaming and kicking I would simply walk out of the room we were in. He would sometimes relocate his tantrum to where I could see him, but he quickly figured out I was ignoring him until he stopped. Of course when out at the store this can be embarrassing and more difficult to deal with, but don't lose hope. The most important thing with tantrums and any behavior is to stick to your guns. If the same behavior triggers the same response consistently, the child will leave that behavior behind much more quickly.

Don't be afraid to revisit the conversation when everyone has calmed down. Read that part of the story (tantrum in this case) and talk about how to be more like TantrumWon't. Use the tools at your disposal to keep the conversation open.

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